Glass Options

Low-E 272: It delivers year-round comfort, reflecting an intermediate level of heat back into the room in winter and rejecting the sun’s heat and uv rays in summer.

Low-E 366: It provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and greatest energy savings. Blocking up to 95% of the sun’s damaging rays, Low-E 366 glass sets a new standard in energy performance.

LoĒ – i89: It is a four surface coated glass offering more natural light transmittance and less reflecting than the i81. This glass is highly energy efficient, delivering a u-value of 0.23 without any alterations.

Solarban 60: With its ability to block 62 percent of total solar energy while allowing 70 percent of visible light to pass through, Vitro Architectural Glass’s (formerly PPG glass) Solarban® 60 glass can help you achieve a building design that provides year-round comfort with heating and cooling cost savings.


Arctic Glass

Delta Glass

Obscure - Pinhead

Gluechip Glass

Clear Frosted

Cross Reeded Glass

Rain Glass

Reeded Glass


Glow Grey

Falcon Beige

Mutin Bars


Heritage Perimeter

Single Hanging Grid

Double Hanging Grid