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Tilt & Turn hardware - Eurosell Windows

Tilt & Turn hardware

Comfort Mushroom Cam

Benefits for users:

  • Ensure smooth and faultless opening, tilting and closing of windows.
  • Automatic alignment for changing conditions, for example temperature fluctuations.
  • Guarantees a durable locking system that is optimally adjusted at all times.
  • Ensures individual adaptation to tolerances.

Security Striker Plates

Benefits for users:

  • High – tensile material combination of PVC and steel that guarantees unrivalled low wear and tear.
  • Attractive appearance of standard and security striker plates.

Tilt Lock Bearing
56 S-RS

Benefits for users:

  • High level of intruder protection.
  • Convenient to operate due to sash lift roller.
  • Smooth running operation due to combination with comfort mushroom cam.
  • Extremely low wear.
  • Uniform appearance with remaining frame parts due to the same component length (56mm).

Tilt Lock Bearing

Benefits for users:

  • Proven burglary resistance by combining S – ES – pins with S – ES FH tilt lock bearing.
  • Solid steel upper part.
  • Harmonious color schemes of the PVC packer with grey seals.

Surface - Mounted
Hinge Side

Benefits for users:

  • Excellent, slimline design.
  • All screws are concealed by the hinges.
  • Cover caps and coated versions available.
  • Equipped with PVC bearings for low wear.
  • Entry protection in tilt position.

Surface - Mounted
Hinge Side Stay Hinge

Benefits for users:

  • Permanently secure connection.
  • Integrated turn resistance prevents the sash from closing while in the turning position, e.g. in the in the event of a draught.

Sash Brake

Benefits for users:

  • Individually adjustable opening width: locks the sash in the desired position.
  • Holds the window sash in the open position even in strong draughts, for example, when airing the room.
  • High level of functional reliability from overload protection.
  • Fully concealed.
  • Easy to retrofit.

Comfort Stay

Benefits for users:

  • Makes operating large and heavy sashes easier.
  • Reduces the amount of effort required to close the sash from the tilt position due to integrated cushioning.
  • No rocking of the window sash when opened into the tilt position.
  • Protection of the bearing positions.