Eurosell Tilt & Turn Handle Line

We have a handle on quality

This is characteristic of the TITAN GLOBE and Si – line handle series.This quality results from the ideal combination of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and material.

Furthermore, our handle line convinces with maximum functional safely and an optional choice of colours.


Benefits for users:

  • Innovative, ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable and easy handling.
  • Available in  various colors for all the demands of modern architecture.
  • Ensures a continuous and optimal lock-in-person.
  • Suitable for timber and PVC windows.
  • High degree of security against unwanted guests due to the Secustik and pressure key versions and the lockable handles.
  •  TBT handle prevents unauthorised rotary opening (no turning position without key)
  • Night vent with additional 45degree lock-in-position possible.

Push Button Handle

Benefits for users:

  • Automatically prevents hardware manipulation from outside.
  • Press button to unlock.When locking, the handle blocks automatically.

TBT Handle

Benefits for users:

  • Use with corresponding TBT (tilt before turn).
  • 40 Nm , lockable.
  • To reach the turning position, you must use the key separately (increased protection against unauthorised rotary opening).

Removable Handle
With Push-On-Rose

Benefits for users:

  • Rose is securely mounted, can be pushed open; handle  is removed and can be mounted at any time (e.g. for cleaning).

Flat Handle

Benefits for users:

  • For locations where little space is available for the handle, e.g. with roller shutters.
  • Also for use with fold & sliding hardware.


Benefits for users:

  • For balcony and patio doors(French doors).
  • Includes handle inside and outside and PZ ROSE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.
  • TL/PZ flat for locations where the outside handle would be too high (e.g. with roller shutters or window shutters).

Eurosell Casement Handle Line


Multi-Point Casement Window Lock

This Truth Hardware Multi-Point Casement Window Lock has a sleek, low-profile design that will not interfere with curtains or blinds. This window lock has excellent “reach-out” capability. No need to fully close the window before locking it.

Casement Hardware Color